Welcome To Wizard College
Become a powerful wizard! Learn the arts and crafts of those who have gone before you. Make things levitate, disappear and reappear, morph into something else, change colors, and so much more. Start by going to the Introduction page. Read all the material and watch any and all videos. Then get started learning today!

Check out the growing list of courses. When you are ready you can Enroll and start learning. If you are already a student then simply Login and continue your education.

On the left you will note a list of courses you can study here at The School of Magical Entertainment. Each course has a number next to it which indicates the of lessons you have completed. Once the course has reached 100% you will be able to continue onto the next section. You may see the 100% go down if we add any new lessons or material to learn. Just go back and learn it.

Unlike most schools you do not have to follow any specific curriculum or course of study. You may choose to study from any course at any time. However, we strongly recommend you do not overwhelm yourself. Choose a course and study several if not all of the lessons in that course. Then, pick a new course and begin the same with that one. The choice is obviously yours to make.

Read the Introduction to get familiar with some of the history of magic, the various styles of performance, and other points of magical entertainment they may and will be helpful to your art.